Saturday's event in Gaines street

Most Meals Served With Rice & Peas/Beans/Carrots or White Rice, Salad And Plantains


Jerk Chicken  $9.00 
Curry Chicken  $9.00 
Chicken Fingers with fries  $8.00 
Oxtail  $15.00 
Griot/ Fried Chunk Pork $8.00


Caribbean Crossroads Sides and Drinks

Fried Sweet ( Tostinos)/ Green Plantain (Maduros) $3.00

Rice $3.00 
Macaroni Pie  $3.00 
Corn Pie  $3.00 
Curry Cabbage  $3.00 
All drinks including water $1.00






 WiFi, Pikliz, And Salad Dressing Free Of Charge